care for salt lamps

care for salt lamps

care for salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps can last for many years under proper usage and care. They mainly only require low maintenance of changing bulbs.

​Cleaning is simple. Switch off lamp, use a damp cloth to wipe salt crystal. Alternatively, you can also use a mist spray containing just water and mist spray directly on salt crystal then take a clean cloth to pat dry. After which just switch lamp back on and the incandescent bulb will evaporate the moisture away, emitting negative ions into the air.

Caring for a HSL is easy. As Salt is naturally hygroscopic, which means it attracts moist, leaving your HSL on as often as possible is best. Warmth from the incandescent bulb will prevent Himalayan Salt Crystal from weeping. Excessive weeping may seep into electrical parts of the marble base and cause it to become faulty.

Can I switch it on all the time? Yes, it is safe to on the HSL for 24/7 if you would like. However for some who thinks switching on for 24/7 is exaggerating, yes you may switch lamp off when you want to. It is NOT compulsory to switch on 24/7. The only thing to take note is when HSL is switch off, depending on the environment, humidity may get to Himalayan salt crystal and cause it to sweat. This is completely normal and an indication that your salt lamp is authentic, real salt.

What we always recommend customers to do is to place a coaster, tray or plate underneath the marble base to protect your tabletop surface or wood furniture in case when humidity level is high and your lamp is switch off, moisture may occur and you do not want the moisture to damage your floors or furniture.

However, we do not recommend leaving your Himalayan salt lamp weeping as the moisture may get into the electrical parts which can cause spoilage, resulting in new electrical parts being needed to replace the faulty ones.

When you need to switch off lamp for a long period of time (e.g. family vacation etc), we suggest using ziplock bags or simply take any recyclable plastic like grocery bags that is clean. Switch lamp off, remove from marble base and store the entire salt crystal into the ziplock. When the Himalayan Salt Crystal is kept in air constraint condition with no contact to humidity, it will NOT sweat.