do salt lamps melt?

do salt lamps melt?

do salt lamps melt?

No. HSL does not melt. It is not ice.

Over the years, we found out that many people have the misconception that their Himalayan Salt Lamp (HSL) is melting when moisture occurs. They think that it is melting and it will drastically become a pool of salt water in a matter of time. This is FALSE.
Weeping of Himalayan Salt Lamp when it is switch off is completely normal. Especially with SG's humidity. It will not become a pool of salt water unless it is fully submerged in a bucket of water and left for long period of time.
​If your HSL is sweating, use a dry cloth to pat it dry and then switch it back on. You can also choose to reuse the ziplock bag to cover it up, keeping it in air constraint condition so that humidity will not get to it and cause it to sweat.

​Sweating of your HSL is also an indication that it is left switched off for too long and is under-utilised.

If you plan on having your lamp switched off for an extended period, (e.g. family holiday etc) we recommend unplugging the power cord, separate the Himalayan Salt Crystal from the marble base and wrap the salt crystal in a plastic bag to keep it air tight. This will prevent humidity to get to the salt crystal and not weep.

​HSL will not sweat when it is switched on with the right kind of bulb. The type of bulb that we recommend is incandescent bulb size E14 - Made in Hungary(UK).  Himalayan Salt Crystal will not sweat because of incandescent bulb.

Over the years, we have encountered a small percentage of people who thinks that warmth from the incandescent bulb is the reason for Salt Crystal to sweat. That is totally false and another misconception. The Himalayan Salt Crystal is awesome at dealing with extreme hot and cold temperatures. (Check out our Himalayan Salt Block here​, perfect for family gatherings or BBQ parties)

As long as Himalayan Salt Lamp is switch on with the recommend bulb, it will NOT sweat. Sweating only occurs when it has been switched off for quite a while and left unused under humid condition.